Wild Wonders of Yunnan



Wild Wonders of China is a proposed initiative to reveal China’s amazing natural treasures to China’s citizens and the World: wildlife and wild places that most people don’t even know do exist. It is about the joy of wildness.


Fondation Iris financially supports three photo missions to the UNESCO world heritage site called "Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas" in China, between fall 2017 and spring 2018.


The "ORIGINS" exhibition 

Luxembourg Garden fence, Paris



Fondation Iris  supports the ORIGINS exhibition which will take place in the heart of Paris on  the Luxembourg Garden fence, from March 17th to July 15th 2018. The ORIGINS exhibition is a 4.5 billion-year journey that spans the birth of Earth and its formation to the emergence and explosion of life in all its forms. The ORIGINS project pays tribute to Earth’s power, energy and extremely rich biodiversity, revealing the awesome beauty of wild nature.


Photo and documentary film festivals

supported in 2017



Fondation Iris  supported 3 photo or documentary film festivals  in France durin year 2017 2017 :



Introduction to the protection

of marine ecosystems



During a mission to Indonesia on plastic pollution, Fondation Iris took part in a remarkable initiative by the Tiger Blue team, which organized an educational cruise for twelve children from the Jodie O'Shea orphanage  in Bali, on the theme of preservating marine ecosystems in general and raising awareness on plastic pollution in the oceans in partnership with the Gili Eco Trust NGO in Gili Trawangan.


Insignificant : our place in the universe

une espèce à part


In the aftermath of COP21, climatic and environmental questions are still a primary subject for the international community.


Rather than conveying a pessimistic image about the damage caused by human activity, this short movie tries to raise the spectator’s awareness of the wonders of nature. The narrative weave projects its viewers into a world where humanity has never been at the centre, whereas the 3D images plunge the viewer into this infinitely large theatre.


Project Insignificant is the result of the collaboration between the CNRS and the Université Paris-SudFondation Iris is a sponsor of the project.


Summit of Conscience for the Climate




Ahead of the COP 21 Climate Conference, people from many of the world’s religions and wisdoms will meet in Paris on July 21 for a Summit of Conscience for the Climate to answer the question "Why do I care about the planet?” and launch a “Call to Conscience for the Climate”.


It is only a mobilization of conscience on a global scale that will enable humanity to meet this great challenge confronting us: how to limit global warming by taking real action, including reducing our consumption of fossil fuels.


Time is short. This is not only a political, economic or ecological issue. It is the future of humanity that is at stake. Each of us is called to respond now to the question: Why do I care?  Is it important to me that the adventure of mankind on Earth can continue? Am I ready to change my lifestyle today so that the children of our children come into this world in tolerable conditions?


Fondation Iris is a partner of the Why do I care campaign


The "Honey Roads" Exhibition,

Luxembourg Garden Fence, Paris




The "Honey Roads" exhibition, made up of 80 outstanding photos by Eric Tourneret, the "bee photographer", will take place in the heart of Paris on  the Luxembourg Garden fence, from September 16, 2015 to January 19, 2016 during the PARIS 2015 climate conference - COP 21.


With over a million visitors, this exhibition offers an extraordinary chance to send a strong signal for the preservation of bees at a time when they disappear, victims of an agricultural model that pours tons of pesticides into nature and transforms our landscapes into a green desert, toxic to the bees. Unique in its scope, this exhibition could allow all of us to unite around this event and show our willingness to protect nature as we know it for future generations.


This exhibition is part of the mission of Fondation Iris to support initiatives preserving biodiversity.


Wild Wonders of China 

First photo mission in Sichuan




Wild Wonders of China is a proposed initiative to reveal China’s amazing natural treasures to China’s citizens and the World: wildlife and wild places that most people don’t even know do exist. It is about the joy of wildness.


Using the emotional power of world class photography and videography, combined with positive messages and facts, we wish to inspire people to care about and enjoy China’s biodiversity, its many wild places and the great variety of species that live there. Widely showcasing a side of China that only very few have really ever seen or heard about.


Fondation Iris financially supports the first photo mission to Sichuan province’s Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, from April 18th to May 4th 2015.


Communication mission

with the A.R.B.R.E.S. association



Founded in 1994, the A.R.B.R.E.S. association aims to be a gathering place for all those who are interested in remarkable trees and to disseminate knowledge of all kinds related to these trees by organizing visits, conferences, discussions, and exhibitions.


Fondation Iris financially supports  A.R.B.R.E.S. in its communication mission  with the public, the tree owners and the policy makers.


Supporting conservation

through communication

with the Wild Wonders Foundation




The Wild Wonders Foundation is a swedish foundation supporting initiatives that aim to reveal the beauty and importance of our natural heritage as well as the conservation issues this heritage is facing.


Initiatives that strive to use the emotional power of photography, videography and other media in favour of conservation.


Fondation Iris financially supports various initiatives of the Wild Wonders Foundation like Wild Wonders of China.


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