Permacultural organic market gardening



Since 2011, the "Institut Sylva" association has conducted a research project on permacultural organic market gardening in conjunction with the SAD-APT and the Ferme biologique du Bec Hellouin. This study, completed in March 2015, has opened an innovative route by demonstrating the economic sustainability of permacultural micro-agriculture.


Fondation Iris considers that this type of environmentally respectful and innovative agriculture is a potential solution to various environmental problems which have been caused by industrial agriculture. Today, the negative aspects and limits have been clearly identified. This type of agriculture notably has the potential to restore degraded soils, watercourses, landscapes and biodiversity.


Fondation Iris supports a second research phase as well as seeding projects which promote the permaculture practices initiated by the Institut Sylva.



Advocacy for an innovative agriculture

with positive impacts


The Fermes d’Avenir  association aims to:


  • support the creation of agro-ecological farms and micro-farms,

  • create reference documents and educational resources for the installation of vegetable gardens, farms and micro-farms practicing agroecology, permaculture and agroforestry,

  • set up pilot projects and experiment with innovative farming practices in organic agriculture.


This association will carry out an advocacy whose first objective is to establish a quantitative and qualitative balance of the benefits of vegetable farms, applying agro-ecological practices and inspired by permaculture. It will also propose ways for decision makers and elected officials to remove the obstacles to the implementation of new projects.


Fondation Iris financially supports the creation of this advocacy.



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